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Partial Planning


  • Consultation with bride and groom

  • Selecting suitable vendors such as:

    • Baker

    • Calligrapher

    • Caterer

    • Decorators

    • Florist

    • Musicians (soloist, organist, band, DJ, etc.)

    • Photographer

    • Printer (to print invitations, RSVP and thank-you cards, itineraries, etc.)

    • Rental facilities

    • Transportation providers

    • Videographer

    • Wedding attire providers (e.g. bridal shops)

  • Negotiating with vendors

  • Reviewing vendors’ contracts

  • Scheduling appointments with vendors for clients to meet with them (where necessary)

  • Co-ordinating with vendors to ensure services/products are provided in a timely manner

  • Co-ordinating final payment of vendors (if requested by client)

  • Ongoing updates and consultation with clients about vendors’ services/products

Starts at $2450

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