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Testimonial #1

Haley & Amber have shifted our wedding planning experience from stressful & overwhelming to enjoyable, exciting & fun! Grant and I are so happy that we chose them to help us plan our big day.

We knew right away after our consult that they were the ones. Although they’re new, we could quickly tell they’re detailed oriented, organized and truly care about making the experience for us the best they can.

Throughout our process so far, we have nothing but great things to say about them & recommend Tying the Knot Wedding Planning to anyone!

~ Larissa and Grant


Testimonial #2

A bride living in Florida, planning a wedding in North Carolina, created the question if I truly wanted a wedding planner, or to save on this expense. When I realized the want became a need, I found Haley and Amber. To my fiancé and I’s shock, Haley went to high school with Trevor Lawrence, and a part of our love story was getting engaged right outside of the Jaguars stadium in Jan 2023.

These girls are consistently quick to communicate. They have been the most patient women I have met since the beginning. They have helped us find and explore vendors; I would have probably spent countless hours searching for. They are seeing our image and dreams for our wedding and giving us every resource, they have to offer. I could not be more pleased with how well Haley and Amber work together and bring peace to my fiancé and I’s life. We still have a year-long planning road ahead, but they have made everything worth our while thus far. They are becoming our friends more than someone we are working with and that can really show to their character! Giving them the shot, they deserved did not prove us wrong!

~ Hunter and Frankie

Testimonial #3

Haley & Amber are truly the best!! They really are the dream team and we couldn’t be happier! They were very patient, responsive, fun and professional! We highly recommend them without hesitation . Thank u girls!!!

~ Angie and Brian


Emily Julien

I used them for my husband and I’s wedding anniversary party and I will use them again! Everything was perfect and came out just how I pictured. They were so sweet and listened to everything I wanted. Amazing service !!

Haley Prado

Haley and Amber have an artistic and creative vision for wedding planning needs. They are great communicators and will guide you through all of the chaos and headache of planning. The transparency of this unique team is sure to put your mind at ease, while ensuring your event will turn out beautiful and tasteful!

Kyle Morris

Haley and Amber are the most professional people I've had the pleasure of working with. They are truly a gift to any wedding in the making. 10/10 would recommend
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