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Pearls and Shoes.jpeg
Emily and Flower Arch.jpeg
Emilys Smile.jpeg
Boxes and Bows.jpeg
Emily Stairs 1_edited.jpg
Giulia and Andres on Stairs.jpg
Emilys Gown Shot.jpg
Giulia Smiling.jpg
Table Scape.jpeg
Christines Gown Angle.jpeg
Babys Breath Detail Shot.jpeg
Oxbow Details x Cass & Co. Photo-12.jpg
Stolen Moments G + A-6.jpg
Oxbow Details x Cass & Co. Photo-10.jpg
Cocktail Bar G+ A-16.jpg
Stolen Moments G + A-13.jpg
Daisy Ring.jpg
Emilys Goddess Moment.jpeg
Oxbow Ceremony x Cass & Co. Photo-29.jpg
S&G 4.jpeg
S&G 1.jpeg
S&G 2.jpeg
Picnic Setup.jpeg
S&G 3.jpeg
Oxbow Details x Cass & Co. Photo-11_Original.jpg
Ring Detail Shot.jpeg
Oxbow Reception x Cass & Co. Photo-3_Original.jpg
Nic's Bridals-5.jpg
Moody Masquerade.jpeg
Cody and Nic Hugging.jpeg
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